The benefit of tinted windows

You can do numerous things to your home to make it more secure and safer from potential break ins. There are also lots of measures you can take to reduce your maintenance bills. However, there are very few precautions you can take which will fulfil both of these benefits. One such way you can do this is by having the windows in your house tinted.

Whichever way you have it done, whether it is through pre-tinted glass or by having film attached to the panes it is something you should really consider having done particularly given how it is relatively inexpensive. Here’s a few of the ways it can prove to be such a valuable thing to have installed.

Additional Security

If your windows on your home are tinted, then it will allow you to see out from the inside but it will limit people’s ability to look inwards. Having tinted windows installed could end up being the difference between whether someone chooses to break in or not.

Snoopers might be encouraged to smash through a window if they can see valuables or expensive items on display but won’t be tempted if they can’t see anything. Alongside this when a tinting film is secured onto a window pane it makes it more resilient to shattering. This obviously gives an additional layer of protection and again this could be the difference between someone being able to break in or not.

Reduced Glare

Depending on where in the world you live, the glare of the sun can become quite a nuisance. In fact, if you are unlucky it could end causing you to have difficulty watching the TV. Some countries experience the sun sitting very low in the sky for extended periods and this is one of the most common times it is a problem. By tinting the windows this glare will be reduced.

Protect Your Furniture

When the sun continually shines down on certain materials it can end up staining the colour. Many items of furniture which are placed near to windows will show signs of this as the side facing the incoming sunlight will fade and potentially warp. Tinting the windows will prevent your furniture receiving this sort of damage and remain in a better condition for longer.

Reduced Maintenance Bills

One of the greatest benefits of tinted windows are the way in which they can manage the heat in the home. In the hotter summer months, glass tinting reduces internal heat by intercepting a lot of the incoming rays and letting less sunlight and consequently heat into the building.

Conversely in the winter months the tinted windows will trap the heat inside the property thus conserving the needed warmth. These two effects will mean that you won’t need to use as much electricity for air conditioning and heating in the summer and winter respectively. A simple thing such as window tinting could make a huge difference to your maintenance bills.

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